S1 - Preamble
S2 - Partnerships
S3 - Governance
S4 - Organizational Integrity
S5 - Finances
S6 - Fundrainsing & Communications to the Public
S7 - Management Practices & Human Ressources
S8 - Acheiving Compliance
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This Guidance Document complements the Code of Ethics and Operational Standards and is designed as a learning tool to help members understand the CCIC ethics programme model and guide them through interpreting and applying the Standards. It is written to elaborate each of the Code items and provide explanations and examples of good practice. Note that members must comply with the items in the Code of Ethics and Operational Standards, not with Guidance document.

Together the Code and Guidance Document serve as instruments that help member organizations achieve ethical conduct and good practice in all their endeavours. Although the process selected by the members is one of self-assessment, CCIC has expertise and resources that may be tapped to their full potential as members seek to interpret and apply the various sections of the Code. Through this programme not only will the members’ understanding of the Code be broadened, but the ground work is laid for the ongoing revision and adjustment of the guidance document to keep it current with the needs of an ever changing world situation.

This guidance document therefore, should be seen as a living document, an expression of the collective experience to-date of the CCIC membership. It is meant to stimulate an ongoing dialogue that will contribute to periodic revision and updating as a result of new experiences, creative social analysis and the evolution of the standards. Given the diversity of CCIC membership, each organization should adapt the information to its own situation. Recognizing that there is no “one-size-fits-all” model for all organizations, this document will highlight the essential ethical issues that must be addressed and provide some proposed solutions as possible ways of dealing with the issue.